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From the CEO To help drive the business, CIOs need to transform IT. | By Mike Gregoire 2 s one of the newest employees of CA Technologies, I am devoting a great deal of my time to listening and learning from our customers, partners, employees and shareholders. I���ve been in the software and IT services industries for 25 years, and I���ve found that listening is one of the best ways to both build knowledge and strengthen relationships. I���ve spent many hours talking with CEOs and CIOs about their IT and business challenges, and I will continue to do so in my new role at CA Technologies. I want to know more about the business challenges you face, the ways you use software to compete and win, and how you���re transforming IT. We���re in the midst of one of the most transformational movements the information technology industry has ever seen. When it comes to solving customer issues, everything is up for grabs. There is no better time to be in our industry. I joined CA Technologies because I believe it has a unique opportunity to help companies drive this transformation. As part of my due diligence, I studied more than a dozen well-known companies to see where CA Technologies stood in the market. I found that this company knows more about managing IT infra��struc����ture, app�� lications, data and identities than any other company. This foundation is especially important as we bring our capabilities to new delivery models such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing, and as we expand our security and management expertise to new markets such as service virtualization, mobility and big data. The column on service virtualization in this issue by John Michelsen, our CTO, and the article on the emerging area of DevOps are both good examples of what we���re thinking and how we see the markets evolving. Speedy Innovation I had the pleasure of spending the past eight years as CEO of a cloud-based talent management software company. From that experience, I learned that companies in the highly competitive market for SaaS and cloud computing solutions thrive or fail based on two key attributes: speed and innovation. These are two of our top priorities at CA Technologies, because the more we innovate ��� and the faster we deliver those innovations ��� the more value we can provide to you and your business. This applies not only to our SaaS and cloud offerings, but also to our entire portfolio. Of course, speed and innovation are also mandates for CIOs. That message resonates throughout this issue of Smart Enterprise. As George Fischer, our Executive VP of Worldwide Sales and Services, says in his ���One True Thing��� column, innovative IT organizations can now develop, scale and capture new markets long before slower competitors even get out of the gate. We���ve all experienced the compression of product cycles from years to months ��� even, for things such as mobile applications, to mere weeks or days. We���ve seen demand grow for a continuous cycle of improvement, all delivered with near-flawless engineering. The result: IT is being forced to respond more quickly than ever to the frenetic pace of business. That, in turn, leads you to consider how IT transformation can lead to the outcomes that will drive your business. Whether we develop software or consume software, we���re all in the same boat. So we have a common interest in finding the solutions that give us a competitive advantage. I look forward to meeting and talking with many of you at CA World 2013 and throughout the year ahead. n Mike Gregoire is the CEO of CA Technologies. photograph: CA TECHNOLOGIES Compete and Win A

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