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Up Close ANZ Bank Banking on EXPAN ANZ Bank has embarked on an ambitious, multiyear plan to become a superregional power. Fueling the move are IT systems aimed at improving trust. | By Karen J. Bannan E verything ANZ Bank does has a technological aspect. Mike Smith, CEO at the Australia and New Zealand bank, has been quoted saying, ���No technology, no bank.��� But ANZ���s people are just as important. In fact, connecting people and IT ��� and doing so in a fast, business-centric manner ��� is at the top of the company���s ambitious IT strategy. ANZ today services roughly one of every two New Zealand residents, as well as customers in 32 countries worldwide. But under a strategy launched in 2008, ANZ wants to transform itself into a superregional powerhouse, one that will derive as much as 30 percent of its earnings from the AsiaPacific region by 2017, says Frank McGrath, the company���s General Manager of Technology Service Management. To meet these ambitious goals, ANZ Bank officers know they will need to boost customer service. They plan to do so, in large part, by creating an IT architecture that supports both internal 18 and external customers around the globe. ���Part of our strategy is to be the best connected, best respected bank in the region,��� McGrath says. ���The respect part comes with trust, who you are and how you���re able to satisfy customer needs.��� Achieving this strategy, McGrath has discovered, requires time, effort and a change in how ANZ approaches service management and IT implementations. As recently as 2010, the IT alignment to support the ANZ business strategy was slightly out of sync. System outages were more common, ANZ lacked a solid way to report IT disruptions, and employees struggled with an outdated, unsupported service desk tool. Worse, some Asian employees working in newly acquired branches had no service management tools at all, which in turn hurt customer service. A major mainframe outage in early 2010 left ANZ���s IT department hard-pressed to figure out and communicate which services had been affected. ���The tools we were using couldn���t support Image: GAVIN BLUE PHOTOGRAPHY

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