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DevOp Mind the Looking to end the disconnect between software development and operations? Service virtualization, a new simulation technology, can help. | By Leon Erlanger L 8 Gap ast August, a software error in a trading system upgrade caused a global financialservices company to execute scores of errant stock trades. The glitch cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars in losses ��� and nearly its survival. To be sure, it���s an extreme example. Yet many organizations wrestle with similar software issues. Like the financial-services company, they too depend on constant innovation. That means bringing new technology ��� including new software ��� to market as rapidly as possible. And that can lead to errors. Unfortunately, at many organizations, there���s a disconnect between the software development and operations teams. This makes deploying new software problematic at best and risky at worst. Some of the disconnect stems from essential differences between the two sides ��� how they talk, for example, and which technologies they use. ���Both Dev and Ops personnel spend years establishing their particular expertise and their own language,��� says Julie Craig, Research Director of Application Management at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), an IT research, analysis and consulting firm. ���Developers speak Java and Oracle, while operations people speak servers, networks, operating systems and virtualization.��� Some of the disconnect has been caused by efforts to ease a different disconnect ��� namely, that between developers and the business. ���Developers have spent the past few years perfecting methodologies that address the disconnect with business,��� says Jean-Pierre Garbani, a VP and Principal Analyst at research and advisory firm Forrester. ���Unfortunately, one side effect has been that many developers started losing touch with the reality of platforms and operations. The result: Lots of problems end up overlooked by development and testing, and have to be solved in production.��� Seeking to end this disconnect between developers and operations, a new movement has arisen. Known as DevOps, it aims to improve collaboration, communications and integration between

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