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Identity Management Smart Resources Identity Management on the Go Bring password management and workflow approval to a smartphone near you with CA IdentityMinder. | By Bob Burgess photograph: courtesy of CA technologies T he bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement aims to enable business users to access business information and applications, anytime, anywhere and from a range of personal devices. Mobility is now a key business strategy and a driving force in how business gets done. Identity management involves two common tasks: password management and workflow approval. In the past, both were only available from a desktop portal. But how are these handled if the manager is in the field, using a mobile device? A mobile app for these common tasks extends the reach of traditional identitymanagement capabilities out to anybody with a smartphone and proper access. The CA IdentityMinderTM mobile app can help CIOs improve the customer experience, move faster to market and ensure privacy in the mobile world. It's a native iOS application that runs on the Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch to extend the features of our enterprise solution to mobile phones. (An Android version is on the road map.) CA IdentityMinder provides BYOD access for these common identity-related tasks. And it's easy to set up, administer and use. Here's what the mobile application provides: n obile access to password self-service and workflow M approvals. n imple setup, configuration and corporate branding of the S application. n omplete control over which identity functions are availC able to mobile users. n mmediate termination of application access if a device is I lost or the user changes his or her status. n etter business enablement in a mobile environment. B Here's how it works: Once the user is granted access, CA Identity Minder sends them an email. The user then clicks on a message link and the application is first automatically downloaded from Apple's iTunes, then after entering one's credentials the app is configured and company logo branded. The solution is great for nontechnical business users, since there's no need to enter long URLs, port numbers or other technical details. It just turns on! Business-type requests using workflow approvals are easy, too. Mobile-device users see a list of business requests for approval in their queue. They can then click on any item to drill down for more information, such as details about the request or for a list of other approvers. Essentially, they can see any app​roval information available on a portal from the app. The user then decides whether to approve the workflow. Password selfservice is similarly simple. Administrators can take control M obility is now a key business strategy and a driving force in how business gets done. by configuring the application to show either the "change my password" or "reset my password" buttons, or both. CA Identity Minder can sync network passwords, too. And administrators can manage the mobile application for each user, enabling or disabling any of its features. Behind the scenes, the mobile app connects to the Identity Minder server. As it is part of the identity-manager solution, it does not require a separate server. Each time a user interacts with the mobile application, the app communicates with the server, ensuring that the branding, user interface and choice of functions is correct and up to date. For mobile users in a mobile world, it's a solution that's safe, secure and simple. n Bob Burgess is a Solution Strategy Advisor at CA Technologies. Learn more about CA IdentityMinder: 2013 • Smart Enterprise 25

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