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counting... FEB. 2010 Feb. 2010 Twitter hits 50 million tweets per day. JUNE 2010 April pril 2010 Apple starts U.S. shipments of the iPad. OCT. 2010 JAN. 2011 July 2010 Amazon says it now sells more Kindle ebooks than hardcover books. JUNE 2011 Timeline Welcome to our 20th Issue! Here's a look at the last 19. OCT. 2011 Feb. 2011 IBM Watson computer beats two human players at Jeopardy. FEB. 2012 Nov. 2011 Amazon starts shipments of the Kindle Fire. JUNE 2012 April 2012 Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion. OCT. 2012 MAR. 2013 April 2013 Google Glass ships to the public. Aug. 2012 IBM introduces zEnterprise EC12, a highly secure mainframe for cloud computing and enterprise data. visit our online edition at FEB. 2010 JUNE 2010 OCT. 2010 JAN. 2011 JUNE 2011 OCT. 2011 Leroy Williams Paolo Campobasso Norm Fjeldheim Magnus Carlander Phil Fasano Josh Morton IT leaders exceed expectations by using technology in unexpected ways. UniCredit Group's CIO harnesses IT to meet key business challenges. Cloud computing helps Qualcomm's CIO create a path to agility. At Volvo, IT is in the driver's seat. How Kaiser Permanente's CIO tames IT consumerization. Sprint Nextel's VP of IT Enterprise Services explains the "need for speed." JUNE 2012 OCT. 2012 MAR. 2013 Tom Conophy Debra Chrapaty David Wilde David Zanca Giving customers the services they want, when they want them. Zynga's CIO creates a culture for out-of-the box thinking. The Essex County (U.K.) CIO innovates to transform public services. Why FedEx is absolutely, positively innovative. FEB. 2012 2013 • SMART ENTERPRISE 33

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