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Volume 7, Number 3, 2013

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Contents VO LU M E 7, N U M B E R 3 6 TECH CHATTER Moving MissionCritical Applications to the Cloud SPECIAL REPORT: MODERN CIO With the "low-hanging fruit" already moved to cloud-based services, some CIOs are now taking on core, highly secure applications. 28 SMART INSIGHTS Competing with Two Guys in a Garage Small startups enjoy the advantage of speed; large enterprises, not so much. Yet some big-time CIOs are finding new ways to spark — and sustain — innovation. 32 SMART PRACTICES The CIO-CMO Connection Chief marketing officers are spending big on new IT-powered systems. Smart CIOs are working with them to ensure compatibility with other systems, good governance and business benefits. 36 MOBILITY 12 LEAD FEATURE The CIO's New Look Ready for the CIO's new look? IT leaders like GM's Randy Mott are racing to adopt new technologies. SECTIONS AND COLUMNS 6 SMART INDUSTRY Lights, Action, Business! At the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, CIO Miriam Waterhouse mixes IT, business and cultural preservation. Giving Government the Business How public sector CIOs cope with tight budgets, slow approvals. PLUS: Send in the Marines. 11 LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE Made in the U.K. What do British CIOs know that IT leaders elsewhere don't know? Jacqueline de Rojas of CA Technologies tells all. The Leading Role The duties of the CIO are changing again. 9 SMART VIEWPOINT IT in the Era of the Network Author Peter Hinssen makes the case for the customer experience. 40 SMART CIO Do I Need to Change My Role? Ask the flowchart. 42 ONE TRUE THING Chiefs of Information Orchestration 10 Leading the Digital Business CIOs have a new opportunity to distinguish themselves, says George Fischer of CA Technologies. Recruiter Shawn Banerji says CIO success depends on business outcomes. 32 22 UP CLOSE 4 EDITOR'S PERSPECTIVE Managing Mobile Disruption The fast pace of mobile adoption and BYOD create daunting security and application-management challenges. New software tools are helping. 18 36 SMART ENTERPRISE EXCHANGE Join the premier online community for senior IT executives to gain valuable resources, including: SMART ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE digital/mobile edition: READ SMART ENTERPRISE iTunes edition: SMART GROUPS: Secure, moderated collaboration WHAT'S POPULAR NOW: Easy navigation to trending topics MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Profiles of active IT leaders BLOGS AND OPINIONS: The latest expert insights Join Smart Enterprise Exchange today: Follow us on LinkedIn: COVER: PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIM KULISH ; (6) ISTOCK; (12) COURTESY OF GM; (18) ANDY BAKER; (32) BEAU LARK/CORBIS; (36) SHUTTERSTOCK 2013 • SMART ENTERPRISE 3

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