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H. D. SMITH CHOOSES CSC ENTERPRISE CLOUD Secure and Resilient for the Most Critical Applications What workloads and applications are game changers for your organization? CSC knows that what you move to the cloud will guide your choice of cloud providers. SHIFTING TO CLOUD: A GROWING FIRM POSITIONS FOR INDUSTRY CHALLENGES How can a growth-oriented pharmaceutical distributor help the healthcare industry control costs and improve patient outcomes? Never before has H. D. Smith's mission to serve hospitals, community pharmacies and medical suppliers efficiently and effectively been more relevant than today, as the healthcare industry takes on enormous challenges and the distributor positions itself to help the industry achieve its goals. H. D. Smith CIO David Guzman, who leads the U.S. Midwest-based company's IT strategy, sought to transform the data center to support his company's larger growth strategy. "We looked for a partner to help us quickly build the data center of the future," he says. "As a management team we decided to focus energy on how to serve the customer, how to bring solutions to market faster, how to leverage this challenging market." The company chose to go with cloud, and they chose CSC as their cloud provider. Reassured by Provider's World-Class Process Excellence "Working with CSC, we're taking our existing applications and workloads and moving them to a world-class provider," says Guzman. "The first advantage of working with them, and probably the most enduring, has been process excellence. CSC Cloud features world-class security, and they know how to do disaster recovery and efficient development, test and quality assurance. [Also, they have] great processes around release management and patch management, service management and change management. With [them] as our cloud provider, we pick up these disciplines and benefit from them. CSC is improving our ability to deliver today and preparing us to scale in the future." Gaining Scale and Agility — by Migrating Apps and Platforms in Waves H. D. Smith is taking gigantic steps toward realizing their vision, he explains, by adopting cloud computing in waves, one project at a time. CSC is also providing managed hosting for the legacy applications that won't be migrated to the cloud in Wave 1. In Wave 2, H. D. Smith is transforming applications and the platforms they run on and adopting management best practices. According to Guzman, while it may be "a bold, audacious statement to think that H. D. Smith can be the leader in controlling healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes, [it's] all about an old-fashioned notion, about caring about country and caring about each other and caring about people. That's really part and parcel of who H. D. Smith is today." "Cloud really isn't a choice, it's a compelling imperative." David Guzman Chief Information Officer, H. D. Smith Learn more about CSC Cloud, a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Try the CSC Enterprise Cloud © 2013 Computer Sciences Corporation. All rights reserved.

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