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Volume 7, Number 3, 2013

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Smart Practices C onnection an event and are ready to engage again. And IT oversees all systems and applications that support this strategy. "I realize this is a strong statement," says CMO Wolfe, "but if IT isn't sitting at the table, you're doomed to fail." The CIO-CMO partnership at International Speedway is so strong, Wolfe often downplays the distinctions between marketing and IT. "The best way to leverage our intellectual capital is to create one integrated team," he says. "When IT makes a decision with marketing at the table — or vice versa — we consider that one collective decision." CMO as BFF By tradition, IT and marketing departments have not been close. But many industry experts, marketing executives and CIOs alike say that's changing. "Through close collaboration, CMOs and CIOs can reinvent the customer experience," Kim Stevenson, CIO of Intel, wrote in a recent blog. "CIOs and CMOs should thus become BFFs [best friends forever]." Several trends account for marketing's rise in IT influence. While IT budgets remain tight — how many times a year are CIOs asked to "do more with less"? — digital marketing budgets are soaring. Spending hot spots for both B2C and B2B marketers include analytics, CRM, content management, social media and email platforms. Today, it's marketing that manages the customer experience — and that means digital. "Companies spend money on their business priorities, which are acquiring new customers, growing revenues and improving the customer experience," says Wizdo of Forrester. "It's a safe bet that more money will be spent on marketing, sales and customer-facing technologies than on the old back-office stuff." Many of the new marketing expenditures are going to the cloud. That's due in large part to the cloud's low cost of entry and the availability of utility pricing, which lets CMOs pay only for the services they use. Also, new SaaS-based and easy-to-use solutions are emerging from new marketing-automation vendors that include Eloqua, Marketo and Optify. These and other vendors offer software that helps CMOs automate lead generation, lead tracking, campaign management and other core marketing functions. That, in turn, is leading many CMOs to make new, major investments in IT, a big change from the past. "Historically, marketing was perceived as a cost center, and companies don't invest a lot of IT into cost centers," says Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo and its VP of Marketing. "And marketing had a reputation 2013 • Smart Enterprise 33

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