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Volume 7, Number 3, 2013

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CIOs must constantly reassess their roles to be sure they're keeping pace with technology and skills advancements. Whether you're a traditional CIO, a cutting-edge CIO or somewhere in between, this fun flow chart can help you determine whether your current role deserves top billing—or a makeover. How often do you mee t with business managers to discuss IT initiatives? NO Do you sit on the executive committee? Monthly Quarterly YES And whom do you report to? And what new initiatives are you ove rseeing? Mobility, BYOD YOU'RE GOOD. NO NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ROLE. ...on my list of new tools to check out. The CEO Cloud computing CONGRATULATIONS! Only when there's a problem Great. Couldn' t be be t ter. ...some thing I'm wearing right now. The CFO Everything as a Service How is it going? Just okay. Could be better. Comple te this sentence: Google Glass is... Some guy named Joe Polishing my résumé Couldn' t be much worse. ...what I use to drink Google beer. 2013 • SMART ENTERPRISE 41

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