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Volume 8, Number 1, 2014

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SECTIONS 12 SMART PRACTICES The Blueprint: Best Practices to Take on Big Data Industry watchers, CIOs and IT leaders provide insight on how to build the best Big Data approach. 16 TECH CHATTER The Internet of Vulnerable Things Companies can take several approaches to mitigate the IT risks for connected devices. 18 SMART INDUSTRY Big Data Stars of Today The banking, healthcare and retail industries are using Big Data for big rewards in various ways. 21 SMART SOLUTIONS Unlocking the Power of Analytics IT itself can be a generator of Big Data, and it can benefit from analytics tools and technologies that mine data to enable better decision-making. COLUMNS 4 EDITOR'S PERSPECTIVE Big Data: Big Deal or Big Rewards? Industry experts tell us that it's not the amount of data that is important, but how you use it. 5 LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE The Digital Agenda Organizations can operate in a growing digital economy says Marco Comastri, General Manager of EMEA at CA Technologies. 11 SMART DATA The Era of the Dynamic Data Center The command–and–control philosophy that IT executives once relied upon to bring order and stability to the corporate data center is being disrupted at an unprecedented pace, says Michael Madden, General Manager, Mainframe at CA Technologies. 12 COVER: PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID DEAL; (6) BIGSTOCK; (12) BIGSTOCK; (18) DAVID DEAL; (21) BIGSTOCK V O LU M E 8 , N U M B E R 1 Contents SMART ENTERPRISE EXCHANGE Join the premier online community for senior IT executives to gain valuable resources, including: SMART ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE digital/mobile edition: SMART ENTERPRISE app iTunes edition: SMART GROUPS: Secure, moderated collaboration WHAT'S POPULAR NOW: Easy navigation to trending topics MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Profiles of active IT leaders BLOGS AND OPINIONS: The latest expert insights Join Smart Enterprise Exchange today: Follow us on LinkedIn: 21 201 4 • SMART ENTERPRISE 3 6 LEAD FEATURE 18 LEARNING TO SHARE A new set of challenges—some cultural—some technical, is forcing businesses and IT leaders to shift their thinking from control to collaboration. DIGITAL EXTRA: Open Data, Open for Business IT Services Business Solutions Consulting In a fast-evolving marketplace which demands leadership that brings results, there exists a way of certainty: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). With TCS as your strategic advisor and partner, the ever-changing new landscapes of business become new vistas of opportunity, from digitally connected consumers to big data to emerging markets to end-to-end solutions for transforming your organization. TCS offers you market-proven, world class experience, expertise and guidance to show the way for your business to evolve. Our comprehensive Assurance Services help you launch new products faster, while enhancing the end customer experience, reducing the cost of quality and transforming your testing function from a cost center to a value center. TCS' Intelligent Testing System (ITS) is a smart and intelligent way to automate your test cycle, reduce dependency and ensure faster time-to-market with better quality and lower costs. Visit and you're certain to learn more. In a world of increasing complexity, there is a way to be certain.

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