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UNL CKING W hen there's talk of leveraging Big Data in the enterprise, IT's role is usually to support the systems (such as Hadoop or Dremel) that analyze and process large quantities of data for making better manufacturing, healthcare or retail decisions—the typical business intelligence use cases. However, IT itself can be a generator of Big Data as well, and it can benefit from analytics tools and technologies that mine that data for troubleshooting and to enable better decision-making, in order to deliver business services more reliably. Where does this IT Big Data come from? IT management tools such as application performance management (APM) systems can generate tens of millions of metrics per day while keeping an eye on performance and end-user experience. Consider this real-world example of just how many metrics can be generated by an APM system: A large communications service provider (CSP) is currently using CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) to monitor more than 20,000 Java virtual machines ( JVMs) across multiple datacenters, capturing almost 22 million metrics every 15 seconds. The company expects to be at 25,000 JVMs and capturing 25 million metrics by the end of the year. If you do the math, some 126.72 billion metric instances are being captured every day—yes, more than 126 billion per day. That's a lot of data, no matter how you slice it. In the case of APM, metric data is typically used to measure extremes in behavior by estab- lishing baselines and thresholds that illuminate the green, yellow and red lights that IT operators are accustomed to seeing on their management dashboards. However, in an age of increasing application complexity and intense pressure to deliver a great customer experience, IT opera- tors need more information and insight in order to meet the needs the Power of Analytics Transform APM Big Data into actionable information and cut through application complexity. Smart Solutions | By Jason Meserve IMAGE: BIGSTOCK 21 SMARTENTERPRISEMAG.COM

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