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One True Thing Gaining the Competitive Edge Disruptive technologies and social trends are creating powerful opportunities for innovation. Here's what CIOs need to know. | By George Fischer I n thinking of the role of the CIO, I can't help but compare it to Dorothy's declara- tion when she first landed in Oz: "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." Over the last decade and certainly since the economic downturn, successful CIOs have worked hard to find ways to make the enterprise's business processes and IT func- tions run faster and cheaper. Often that meant focusing on compliance and governance, and painstaking reporting and monitoring. CIOs are still charged with improving productivity in operations and ensuring business resilience — but expectations have rapidly shifted. Today's CIOs are key facilitators of business decisions. They are now called on to architect differentiating solutions that drive measurable advances in customer experience and deliver increased revenues and higher margins. In an envi- ronment where technology enables and drives business outcomes, the CIO is best positioned to take advantage of the very tech- nologies and social trends that are changing the way we live and work. Let me explain. On a recent trip to Singapore, I learned that the mobile penetration rate in that country is almost 3 to 1. As per Sybase, an SAP mobile intelligence company, more than 70 percent of the world's population now have a mobile phone. What's more, 85 percent of kids own a mobile phone, compared to 73 percent who own traditional books. It's no surprise that by 2014 mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop usage. Ubiquitous and constant access to applications has become an unquestioned truth in technology. A host of new collaboration technologies, combined with the expanding capabilities of the network, heighten potential for global innovation. CIOs must keep pace with and understand the ways internal consumers and external users are interacting with tablets, smartphones, social platforms and cloud services in order to deliver on critical business objectives. Most new applications have a mobile component contributing to the growing trends in big data and social media, and to the operational challenges related to provisioning and securing so many new devices. Composite applications must be developed and integrated faster than ever by connecting various components owned by multiple teams that span across services, integration layers, legacy systems, databases and third-party, cloud-based services. the years ahead. The mobile, social enter- prise is reinventing IT, and organizations must match the pulse of their employees and customers or risk falling behind. Clearly, we are not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the rainbow — or at least somewhere in the cloud. n GEORGE FISCHER is the Executive VP and Group Executive, Worldwide Sales and Services at CA Technologies. " Organizations must match the pulse of their employees and customers or risk falling behind." These drivers are shaping today's IT ini- tiatives and the required outcomes that CA Technologies is addressing. We're help- ing our customers bridge the gap between IT readiness and business expectations — and saving them millions of dollars in labor and infrastructure costs along the way. With our leading-edge solutions and breakthrough capabilities for continuous application delivery, customers can simu- late the actual behavior of the composite services required, and gain real-time visibility into overall performance, security and capacity requirements, and cost structures. These capabilities represent table stakes in what will no doubt be a flood of requirements to meet users' mobility expec- tations in the coming years. CIOs must continue to push forward in building their capacity for innovation if companies are to capture and sustain a competitive edge in 2012 • SMART ENTERPRISE 11 PHOTOGRAPH: CA TECHNOLOGIES

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