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Volume 6, Number 3, 2012

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CI as Chief Start with the sweet spot: business processes. | By George Westerman IT Innovation Officer innovation" doesn't have to be a contradiction in terms. IT folks are innovative people. They love applying technology to improve the world. Unfortunately, IT people don't always ? get the chance to innovate — and when they do, the rest of the organi- zation doesn't always listen. It doesn't have to be this way. The IT team can earn respect as strategic innovators — but it has to be done incrementally. I recommend that you start by innovating business processes. Then you can start to earn the opportunity to innovate in products, business models or other strategic areas. Why shouldn't you start by thinking big? Unfortunately, if your business is like most, executives are really not ready for IT to do that. In a recent study of digital transformation practices at 50 large companies around the world, half of the executives told us their ability to digitally innovate business models or customer engagement methods was actually hindered by IT. The most common complaints were IT's inability to get a unified view of customers or processes, and poor IT/business relation- ships. You can argue until you're blue in the face that those issues are not caused by IT, but IT people are still seen as the problem, not the solution. And if you have a history of being too rigid or too technical, the situation may be even more challenging. The positive news is that 12 SMARTENTERPRISEMAG.COM IMAGE: MICHAEL D. BROWN/SHUTTERSTOCK

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