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Volume 6, Number 3, 2012

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Contents VOLUME 6, NUMBER 3 FEATURES 6 LEAD FEATURE TECH CHATTER The Lifecycle of Innovation Looking to create new IT and business services? This Smart Paper takes you through the five key steps. 12 SMART BUSINESS CIO as Chief Innovation Officer "IT innovation" needn't be a contradiction in terms, says George Westerman of MIT. To move ahead, he says, start with a business process. 14 CIOs SPEAK OUT Secure Infrastructure, Innovative Business Three IT leaders explain how they're using security COLUMNS 4 EDITOR'S PERSPECTIVE Security 2.0 A new generation of IT and business innovations demands more than mere protection. 5 LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE Success with 'Yes' To embrace the cloud and new business models without increasing risk, turn to content-aware IAM, says Michael Denning of CA Technologies. 16 20 SMART VIEWPOINT How Tighter Security Can Yield Business Innovation Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute offers four best practices that will have you protecting IT systems at the speed of business. 21 SMART ARCHITECT Identity as the New Perimeter The cloud-based enterprise needs special protection. Centralized identity 18 management is the best solution, says John Hawley of CA Technologies. 22 SMART EXCHANGE Top 10 Innovation Tips Leading business innovation from the IT side isn't easy. Paula Klein of Smart Enterprise Exchange shares advice from industry experts and IT leaders. to enable new technology and business services. 16 SMART SECURITY How Security Enables Business Agility DevOps, the merging of development and operations, produces results greater than the sum of its parts. Also: 9 best practices for cloud security. 18 SMART SOLUTIONS From Stop Signs to Green Lights CIOs hoping to deliver business and IT benefits from security will need new mindsets — and new technologies. 8 LEAD FEATURE: Secure and Innovate Securing IT isn't only about protecting systems and data any more. Increasingly, it's also the key to developing smart solutions that grow the business. PLUS: Single Sign-on Keeps It Simple SMART ENTERPRISE EXCHANGE: Join the premier online community for senior IT executives. It's your source for valuable resources, including: SMART GROUPS: Collaborate in a private, moderated setting. WHAT'S POPULAR NOW: With this new feature, you'll navigate the site easily — and find trending content quickly. MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Meet your most active peers online. FORUMS: Discuss vital IT topics with your fellow CIOs worldwide. 21 BLOGS AND OPINIONS: Enrich your knowledge base with expert insights. Visit and join Smart Enterprise Exchange today: Follow us on Twitter: @SmartEnterprise COVER: PHOTOGRAPHY BY AARON GOODMAN; (16) SHUTTERSTOCK; (18) DAVID MENDELSOHN/MASTERFILE; (21) SHUTTERSTOCK 2012 • SMART ENTERPRISE 3

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